FC Telegraph BS 1951

FC Telegraph was founded in Basel in 1951 by a group of Swiss postal workers (hence the team’s name). The club has a long tradition both as a football club and as an important part of the local Basel community.

If you are new to Basel, joining FC Telegraph is a great way to make new friends, both Swiss and non-Swiss and integrate yourself into a great local community club. Even if you don’t play football, you can join one of our many social events or just come along to support our teams!

  The club brings together people of all ages and nationalities and today the club welcomes more than 350 players: men and women, young and old, Swiss and non-Swiss, players and supporters. Although our club’s history is Swiss, our players today come from all corners of the world : Switzerland, France, Germany, Ireland, England, Japan, Ghana, Romania and more. 

Our home ground is the Bachgraben sports centre in Allschwil. There are grass and artificial pitches, and a café area serving drinks and snacks. You can usually spot a Telegraph player from our distinctive yellow and black kit.


FC Telegraph has a number of girls and women’s teams playing at a range of levels.  From those playing for the first time and for a bit of fun to those who want to play a competitive game

FC Telegraph has teams for all age ranges (kids, 30+, 40+,50+) and all skill levels. Even if you have not played for a while, come along to a training session and just enjoy a kickaround to meet the team.

Are you ready to come along and join one of our training sessions or next social events? Contact us via facebook, whatsapp, Instagram or email to find out more.


We play our home games at the Bachgraben sports facility, Hegenheimerstrasse 150, 4123 Allschwil. Come along to watch us play (it’s free). We look forward to seeing you soon! Go Telegraph!